Mistral City

An sky view of Mistral city in all its former glory.

Mistral City is the first place visited on the adventures of Honeydew and Xephos with Old Peculier.

The city was busy with many people. It had a canal system, houses, guards, and sky towers. It was here they healed old peculiar and recovered his father's possions making him a Knight. It also was the site of the first battle against the cult of Israphel in this series..


Church of the Holy Apple/RecordEdit

The Church of the Holy Apple was established by Father Braeburn and is the church in Mistral City. Honeydew and Xephos first see this in Episode 3 and this is also when they see most places in Mistral. It is a single-floor room, and has rows of pews, and an altar, where Father_Braeburn sometimes stands. On the stained-glass window at the back of the church, there is a large apple made of coloured wool, until the heroes collect a music disc from Skylord Jasper's house and give it to him, then it becomes The Church of the Holy Record, and the apple turns into a record, to show Braeburn's love of music. When Mistral City is burning down, a chest is in the centre of the floor, containing the record.

Grandma Bacon's Greasy Spoon Tea-Shop Edit

Granny Bacon's Greasy Spoon Tea-Shop is a small teashop run by Granny Bacon. It has a counter with a cake on top of it, a pool table, and some price listings behind the counter, and a food chest. This shop is famous because it was the first place Honeydew and Granny Bacon met, and contains some rather striking memories. It appears it is one of the old warehouses renovated.


  • Granny Bacon (zombified)
  • Fumblemore (transported, with his tower, To Icaria)
  • Skylord Jasper (goes to the skylord Resort)
  • Skylord Lysander (bound and dragged of by jasper)
  • Old Peculiar (heads to Verigan's Hold)
  • Swampy(after its destruction)
  • Father_Braeburn (flees to Icaria)
  • Mrs. Miggins (flees to Icaria)
  • Mr. Ashtley (Reformed creeper, Brutally murderded in his own home in order to steal his gunpowder)