Minecraftia is basicly the world of Minecraft that the series takes place in. It is where the whole series takes place.

It is threatened by Israphel, and the Honeydew and Xephos need to help save it.


Yogscast Bases

-Yogcave: condition: Smoldering hole.


-Mistral City: condition: Burnt, Now covered with overgrowth.

-BBQ bay: condition Burnt, Still has gravity defying bits of frame however.

-StoneHolm: condition: intact, However suffering from a zombie dwarf plague.

-Skyhold : condition: intact currently hovering to the northeast.

Other Stuctures

The Pyramid

The Geodome

Skylord's resort

Pig island


  • Honeydew
  • Xephos
  • Old/Knight Peculiar :Deceased
  • Israphel
  • Spacker LeChuck
  • Isabel Peculiar
  • Pirate Tinman
  • Templar Adeaphon